3D Models

A 3D model put together using a pointcloud (full model of the building, facade, communications) is a digital copy of your object. The pointclouds we get by laserscanning are a lot more informative than the ones we get using other measuring techniques. Models constructed using pointclouds and blueprints that are exported from them are more accurate compared to data that is recieved when using other measuring techniques. Three-dimensional model gives us a chance to collect different data of the object: dimensions, heights, area.

Every non-standard and intricate detail is visible on the model. Additional schemes of the necesary places can always be exported from a full 3D model without the need to redraw it. 3D model is an increasingly important part of modern engineering and it substitutes 2D drawings more and more.

3D models can contain intricate construction elements for developers and important visual elements for designers and architects. Compared to regular 2D drawings, 3D models are more informative and it is easier to understand the visual side of it. IFC-format makes it posible to work with the model in different programs.

We use Revit Architecture to construct the 3D models. We offer models with different intricacy. We also model using pointclouds and blueprints, we can combine the two if necessary.
Models can be exported to other programs (for exmple 3ds Max, Autocad). The model can also be viewed on the nternet using a simple Autodesk plug-in.

Completed work